Access Gateway 5.0.4 Logonpoint customization

By | January 16, 2012

Since Access Gateway 5.0.4 it is possible to customize the logonpoint. However, there is very little documentation on how to do that. Especially the required size of custom bitmaps is undocumented. After a lot of trying, I found out what bitmapsizes are needed on what places to create a nice layout. To begin first, where can you customize the logonpoint? You will probably overlook the second tab on the logonpoint properties.

There is a Customization tab. When we click on it, there are three options:

  • Citrix Default
  • Receiver Green
  • Custom

The pictures below shows the Citrix Default en Receiver Green layout:

The Default is known from previous versions of the Access Gateway. The Receiver Green is the new layout for the Cloud Gateway and Receiver 13.1.

We are going to create our own layout, so we choose the third option Custom.

Now we can change the following settings:

  • Background
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Content

But what do those mean? The following figure shows these settings in a layout of a complete webbrowser window.





The Content area resembles the logonbox. The size depends on whether you have username, password and two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, you still cannot change the text of the two-factor authentication box. You can replace the content area with a custom bitmap.

410×161 pixels

410×191 pixels

The Header and Footer area is limited to 667 pixels wide. Height is not limited, but keep in mind that Header + Content + Footer height should fit in a browser window.

Now that we now the sizes, we can build our own branded page. I have built the following page:

It is composed of the following pictures:

Background; a stripe of 10 pixels height and 2400 pixels width, enough for large screens. In the middle of the stripe white, 667 pixels width. This is repeated in Y direction and will create a white area in the middle, surrounded with two sidebars.

Header; company logo, 667 width, centered.

Footer; company logo, 667 width, centered.

Content area; no bitmap, just solid fill color.

So with three bitmaps, you can create your own branded page. Just keep in mind the sizes; Header and Footer 667 pixels width.